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   Downtown Physiotherapy is committed to provide quality Physiotherapy care with hands-on therapy and tailored rehabilitation for various injuries to attain maximum potential of the clients from in and around Taber.


   We are located at 5316, 48 Avenue in the heart of the Taber downtown.

After serving Medicine Hat we are now in Taber with our new clinic. Medicine Hat Physiotherapy Centre has been instrumental in providing the high standards of patient care since its inception, which is visible through the satisfactory reviews of our clientele. Our unwavering focus on detailed assessment followed by tailored exercise-based rehabilitation program has helped get clients back in the game whether it be work, sport or everyday life. Now as Downtown Physiotherapy, we intend to inculcate the same quality care and similar values to achieve the desired results.


   We proudly offer one-to-one individualized Physiotherapy sessions including weekend appointments. We don’t compromise on treatment with appointment time. We call it "Patient-centered care," a health care model where patients are empowered to understand what's going on in their body and an individualized program on how to fix it.  Using this healthcare model we have successfully helped guide people to live life to their full prospective expectations.

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